Ideas on best practices for advocating for documentation

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As a productive community member, it's in everyone's interest to ask questions and advocate for more complete documentation wherever it is lacking. I see that Dorn has started by placing the Tool Wiki Template into Tool Wikis that lack documentation (Food Fractal and Pedal-Powered Power Tools). I think that's a good call and I would also like to add that I think it might be a good idea to also accompany moves like this with a message in the Tool's forum. It could be reported as a Problem Topic, but perhaps it's best as an Idea Topic, the good idea being a template for proceeding on documentation :).

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I was hesitant to publish the template without consulting the original poster first, but I did put revision comments. I think we can develop gentle language to cheer along new entries. I agree that there should be forum posts along with changes like this. Good suggestion.