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Bill of Materials:

Item Quantity Cost (approximate)
1.75 inch Toprail Fence Tubing 38 $418
0,5 inch EMT Conduit 19 $41
0.75 inch EMT Conduit 10 $43
2 inch U-bolts 26 $28
2 inch Angle Iron 6 $138
1.75 inch brace bands 40 $26
1.5 inch carriage bolts and nuts 40 $11
4 inch carriage bolts and nuts 20 $13
4.5 inch eye bolts and nuts 8 $10
Gabion Basket wire roll 1 $32
Finned Super Stakes 8 $12
3 foot sections .125 inch Aircraft cable 16 $15
.125 inch cable ferrules 32 $24
2 inch coated exterior screws many $25
Self-tapping screws 38 $8
1.75 inch Greenhouse Cross-Connectors 13 $20
10 foot 1X4 boards 18 $33
8 foot 2X4 boards 6 $30
8 foot 1X2 furring strips 22 $28
28 footX50 foot Greenhouse Plastic 1 $130


Vital Tools

  • Drill Press for drilling holes in rails and brace pieces, I used a bench-top model and set it on the ground and used makeshift cribbing and the other pieces of angle iron to make a race to slide the rail being drilled.
  • Metal cutting device, I used an angle grinder and abrasive cutoff wheels.
  • Tubing Bender, I used the DY-12 bender from Lost Creek Greehouse, the same or very similar bender is being produced by Lost Creek for Johnny’s and sold in their catalog. Usually Lost Creek has better shipping, it was free when I bought ours.
  • Small Tubing Bender for bending the “Gothic Arch” ,this you have to DIY. I will try and get info about this up soon but there are better methods than the way we did it.
  • Cordless Screwgun/Drill
  • Rugged flat surface for bending hoops
  • Flat surface for assembling hoops
  • Hammer
  • Heavy metal object with a flat surface to use as an anvil, an actual anvil would be awesome, a splitting wedge or splitting maul driven into a chunk of wood was what we used.
  • Metal marking punch
  • Drill bits
  • 5/16ths ratchets and wrenches

Helpful Optional Tools

  • Fencing Tool
  • Vise-Grip pliers
  • Ratcheting Box wrenches (these really speeded things up when we bought a couple)